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Warriors Lose but Randolph Starts! by Andrew Antz

The Warriors played one of their best games in weeks on Wednesday night when they lost to the New Orleans Hornets by just six points.

More importantly though, Anthony Randolph started and played like he should have been starting since opening night. He posted a career-high 8 blocks including 6 in the first quarter. He altered numerous shots and had a huge impact on the game. He played like he had something to prove and he proved it to Don Nelson.

Monta Ellis was stellar once again, putting up 35 points and 4 steals to go with his 5 assists. He was the dubs lone post presence and he was extremely effective from both sides of the paint. Unfortunately the W's didn't take advantage of this by surrounding him with shooters by the time the Hornets realized they should double team him.

Chris Paul played a good game but he was no match for Monta when he was assigned to guard him. He taught Stephen Curry a few lessons on the court but Curry held his own pretty well with 17 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists. His first career double-double.

Ultimately the W's were done in by their lack of rebounding on the defensive glass. Maggette did an excellent job on David West but he couldn't grab every rebound when he made him miss. The Hornets had 18 total offensive rebounds. Emeka Okafor pulled down half of those by himself. Why was Chris Hunter not in this game after his best game of the season just one night before? I guess he's the new Randolph.

With 1 minute left in the game and the W's down by three, Morrow secured the defensive rebound and frantically drove the ball up court. He stopped at the three point line and decided to drive in on Stojakovic before passing it back out to Curry for a hurried three pointer that went half-way down before it came out. Monta Ellis didn't touch the ball on the most important possession of the game.

Chris Paul was then isolated at the top of the key with Curry guarding him (why, I don't know) and he finished the game off with a 15-foot jumper. One team executed and the other was executed. The W's played hard enough to win this game but didn't play smart enough. Not with their lack of box outs and mistakes at critical moments in the game.

When the W's have a chance to make a momentum changing play, they rarely make it. This is one of the many steps that needs to be taken in order for them to grow into a winning team. Perhaps a slightly more experienced point guard could help them find the right man at the right time.

Shaun Livingston needs a job,and Stephen Curry needs to be challenged. Just putting it out there.

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