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Please Sign Shaun Livingston by Andrew Antz

Shaun Livingston is currently unemployed after being cut by the Thunder. The Warriors are in need of a point guard that stands taller than 6'3'' and can play defense. He would come cheap and would at the very least challenge Stephen Curry to play better. Again, Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis will not be able to play together for the long term future. The experiment hasn't been very successful at the present time either.

Shaun Livingston has regained his mobility and proven that his knee is stable enough to play 20-30 minutes a game. The Warriors are 7-21 and their starting point guards' numbers look like this:

009-10 StatisticsFG3PTFTReboundsMisc

Not bad but not great. We need Steph to be more aggressive and to take care of the ball a lot better. His defense leaves much to be desired. It would be improved if he would simply give his man some space and surrender the jumper from time to time. He guards everyone as if they're just as good a shooter as he is. His decision making is good but he would benefit from seeing Livingston run a team. Shaun has been a point guard his entire life, as opposed to just two years.

In one of the two games that Curry hasn't started this season, he played very well as a scorer off the bench. He was aggressive and didn't play like he wasn't trying to make mistakes. As a starter, he begins the game in a quasi passing/shooting mode. He seems to be unsure of what he wants to do from one play to the next, and of what his exact role is. These are common problems for a rookie but hasn't Anthony Randolph been banished to the bench for these very same reasons?

I know that Livingston isn't a superstar that would turn the season around, but we need to do something. Monta needs more help on defense, and now that Randolph has proven he can protect the rim, Livingston would be a great addition. Defense is what he does best next to his passing. He also doesn't need to shoot so he would be a welcome addition to an offense that has far too many possessions where the ball is passed one time before someone launches a 17 footer.

The W's like to run but often their fast breaks are unbalanced yet scattered at the same time. Imagine Shaun pulling down the rebound and leading the break with his vision and passing ability. Certainly Maggette would benefit from a true point guard that could get him easy baskets off of back door cuts and fast-breaks. Wouldn't that be more pleasing than watching Maggette hold the ball for 8 seconds before launching an ill-advised jumper from the wing?

Signing Livingston would not hurt the Warriors, it could only help them. Especially since we started three guards last night with none being taller than 6'3''. He would provide passing and stability to the most important position on the court. We aren't going to the playoffs but we still need to build around Monta for the present and future, having Livingston would help with both.

Livingston might steal some minutes from Curry, but wouldn't that be more reasonable than Radmanovic stealing minutes from Randolph? Wouldn't Shaun starting at small forward be more reasonable than C.J. Watson doing so?